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Ultrasensitive DSC

We have developed a nanowatt-stability DSC, which is capable of measuring a small heat with a small baseline fluctuation and drift and a quick response time at a slow heating rate using small amount of sample.

This calorimeter can also measure both the directions of heating and cooling processes, because some complex condensed phases, such as ionic liquids, liquid crystals, and soft matters, in the cooling process often show a different thermal behavior from the heating process. We are studying the details of thermal properties of various ionic liquids by this calorimeter.

Figure. Schematic diagram of the high resolution and ultrasensitive DSC. TS1-3 are Pt resistance thermometers, C1-6 are copper shields, B1-3 are copper blocks, B4 is an aluminum block, TM1 and 2 are semiconducting temperature sensors, TM3-5 are semiconducting thermoelectric modules, H1 is a heater, V1 is an enclosing metal vessels, and V2 is a refrigerating vessel.

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